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Bodegas Valdesil

In 1885, José Ramón Gayoso planted the first vines of Godello on the small Pedrouzos plot, in the Sil Valley hillsides of pure slate. Gradually, he expanded these small parcels of vines, or ‘pezas’, carefully choosing the best sites around Portela. However, in subsequent years, many of these parcels were sold to other growers, leaving only the Pedrouzos estate in the Gayoso/Prada family. In 2001, the current generation of the family began to buy back the small vineyards which had belonged to their ancestors and today, they have recovered all of those ‘pezas’.

VALDEORRAS || The Valdeorras valley is nestled in the highest mountains of the Galicia interior. This area is located in the province of Ourense and is home to just 200 hectares of the Godello variety. Bisected by the Sil River and protected by Galicia’s highest mountains, Valdeorras records both the highest and lowest temperatures in Galicia, together with the lowest rainfall of the area (800-1000mm). These factors, and wide differences between day and night temperatures, guarantee good acidity in the white wines.