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It’s Lechuza 2.0 - a new collaboration based in the Gredos Mountains and the DO of Mentrida with Bodegas Tavera. The winery dates back to 1917 and has been passed down through three generations. Today, it is run by Consuelo Gonzalez and her brother, Jesus, with winemaker Belen Hita at the helm. The area is home to old vine Garnacha - many vines over 80 years old - much like what those found in Aragon (and what brought us here in the first place).

MÉNTRIDA || Méntrida lies northwest of Toledo, flanked by the Sierra de Gredos mountain range. One of the lesser-known regions of Spain, but one of historical significance as vineyards date back to the twelfth century - ancient vines that are typically more synonymous with Aragon. Also of note is the “arcosas” soil type - quartz sandstone with a significant percentage of feldspar - derived from a rapid erosion of igneous and metamorphic rocks.


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    2021 Lechuza Garnacha

    100% Garnacha

        + old vines
        + native yeast
        + indigenous variety

    Méntrida | Spain