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Domaine de La Bretonnière

Domaine de La Bretonnière has been in the Charpentier family for four generations. Since 1989, the estate has been run by the two brothers, Pierre-Yves and Patrice. Both tend the vineyards and while inside, Pierre-Yves takes care of the vinification while Patrice handles the office work overseeing sales & administration. The estate is located in the village of Le Landreau.

MUSCADET SÈVRE ET MAINE || Named after the two rivers that cross the vineyards - the Petite Maine and the Sèvre Nantaise - Muscadet Sèvre et Maine covers twenty-three communes to the southeast of Nantes. Soil types vary across the region with both igneous and metamorphic rock mostly comprised of gneiss, mica schist, and smaller amounts of greenstone and granite.