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El Jardin de las Iguales

The newest project from Fernando Mora (MW) from a hidden jewel in Alpartir, discovered in 2016. In the last village in Valdejalón, on the northern face of the Sierra de Algairén, this vineyard was planted in 1890 in an area underrated due to lack of wineries where only home winemaking existed. This extraordinary site was never uprooted so the highest, strongest and oldest vines remained. The vineyard was restored over a period of two years and in 2019. a 200-year-old winery was renovated and now home to this special Garnacha and Macabeo wines.

VALDEJALÓN || Vino de la Tierra Valdejalón is located in Aragon, west of the city of Zaragoza. The area has long been associated with quality wine, and it’s believed that viticulture here pre-dates Roman settlement. It shares the minerality of Calatayud with the fruitiness of Campo de Borja - both areas sharing borders with Valdejalón. Ninety-seven percent of the region is planted to Garnacha, many of which are 50-90-year-old vines. Currently, there are only two cooperatives and the tiny Garage Wine project.