Pascal Clement

2019 Meursault

BLEND | 100% Chardonnay

VINEYARDS | Along the Côte de Beaune, as red wine areas fold in to white, lies Meursault on classic prehistoric, limestone soils. Though the village does not have any Grand Cru vineyards, many of its Premier Crus are considered some of the best white wines of Burgundy. Here, Pascal especially dials in from his experience at Coche-Dury (which is based in Meursault). Marly limestone soils at 260 meters elevation oriented East-West.

Pascal’s Meursault is a blend of Narvaux and Vireuil vineyards.

WINEMAKING | Primary fermentation followed by 15 months aging in French oak puncheon.

WINEMAKER TASTING NOTES | Clear and brilliant. Its bouquet is reminiscent of mature grapes. Grilled almonds and hazelnuts in vegetal and floral (hawthorn, elderberry, fern, linden, verbena) and mineral (flint) notes. The nose also contains butter, honey and citrus fruit accents. To the palate, a full-bodied and rich wine with joyful, fruity flavours of hazelnut: a balance between smooth and fresh, covering the full range of silkiness. Lingering and structured, it needs maturity. It is a great white wine with excellent ageing potential.